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I'm looking for B2B businesses that I can help grow with social media marketing.

The only question is will it be yours?

B2B marketers know the importance of social media in building awareness, supporting consideration and generating demand. The challenge with social is that it takes time to get it right and you can't automate it. Need a done for you solution? That's exactly what I offer with my tailored B2B social media management and marketing service.

Social media management + marketing = Social media done for you

Unlike other social media marketing agencies I don't just pump out content. I offer an integrated marketing and management solution. Plus it's delivered directly by me. You'll know who you're working with and I've been in B2B marketing for over a decade. 

Working with me you get:

  • Social media marketing - This will get your message out
  • Social media management - This will ensure your audience grows and engages

What does my B2B social media MARKETING service include?

  • YES - I'll develop a  social media calendar aligned to your marketing campaigns.
  • YES - copy, videos & images included. I'll create social content around your messages and collateral. 
  • YES - landing pages optimised for social media created for every campaign.
  • YES - Social ads management included.
  • YES - Regular reporting included.
  • YES - Ad-hoc support included. 
  • Something missing? Just ask!
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What does our B2B social media MANAGEMENT service include?

B2B Social Media Managemet
  • YES -  post content but also manage responses
  • YES - manage and route inbound support requests
  • YES -  develop influencer lists and engage with them.
  • YES -  interact & connect with your ideal customers.
  • YES - support your presence at events (even if you don't attend!).
  • Something missing? Just ask!

Would you like to book a call to discuss your options? 


Need better ROI from social media marketing?

Kaya B2B Digital Marketing

You'll be working with me - an experienced and UK based B2B marketing manager.

Digital Marketing Consultant Berkshire


I'm Kaya and I have over decade of digital marketing experience and I've worked in a mix of businesses and industries. When you work with us I'll be your social media marketing manager. I'll work with you to ensure social media helps you hit your business goals. I'm based in the UK and available UK business hours. 

Kaya has worked with companies including...

Why do you need a B2B social media management & marketing service?

With 46% of marketers lacking confidence in B2B social media marketing, working with us can get this time-consuming worry off your plate. FullerFunnels is a social media partner for B2B businesses, delivering strategic insight and operational excellence.

  • No more worries about what to post.
  • Ensure measurable results from your social media.
  • Engage with influencers and decision makers using social.
  • On-demand social media advice and consultancy.
  • Support for your social selling efforts.
  • Work with B2B specialists, confident in generating awareness and demand using social.
  • B2B social media marketing expertise starting from only £500 per month

If you choose to work with FullerFunnels on your business-to-business social media marketing then you'll have access to an experienced B2B social media marketing manager. 

Social media is critical in everything from growing awareness through to search engine optimisation. We can promote content for any part of the marketing funnel through social media, and it’s an important aspect of attracting the right traffic to fill your sales and marketing funnels. Once in the funnel, we can also use social media to nurture prospects through the funnel.

Finding an expert social media manager is difficult. Our B2B social media management service gives you access to all the expertise you need and a dedicated social media manager to create, maintain and grow your accounts.

Your ideal customers are online right now. The FullerFunnels B2B social media marketing agency will help them find you!
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Want to get the worry of social media marketing off your plate? Get it done for you.

Social media marketing matters in B2B marketing

  • 80% of B2B decision makers visit community driven sites at least once a month.
  • 74% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn to inform their purchasing decision.
  • 78% of people who reach out to support via Twitter expect an answer within an hour.
  • 79% of marketers report an increase in site traffic after investing 6 hours a week on social media.

What can you expect when you work with me instead of a traditional social media marketing agency?

More engagement with your content. 

Use social media for social selling and track the results.

Get the worries of social media off your plate so that you can focus on your business. 

What will my social media marketing agency solution do for your business?

Optimised social media profiles

We'll evaluate where you need to have a presence and we'll setup your social profiles for you. If you already have profiles in place we'll ensure these meet with our optimisation best practice. 

Social media content schedule

You'll have access to a full social media content calendar for the week ahead. The number of times we post depends on your industry. We don't set arbitrary limits. 

The optimum content mix

Businesses typically fall in one of two camps before they start working with us. They either post to much of their own content or not enough. We'll put together the right mix based on your unique business needs and industry. 

Paid and organic social media marketing

Similar to any other marketing tactic,  social media marketing needs the appropriate mix of paid and organic activity.  At FullerFunnels we can help you with both paid social media activity and organic growth.  

digital marketing consultant

Want to get the worry of social media marketing off your plate? Get it done for you.

Sounds like every other social media marketing agency This is what makes me different.

Social media content creation included

We'll create social media friendly images

Trying to promote your latest white paper or thought leadership piece? We'll take the content you already have and create engaging and branded images. 

We'll create short and snappy videos

Videos work great on social but most businesses don't use them. With us you get branded videos created for you. 

Achieve better results with marketing technology

Branded and measurable links

Every link we share, yours or third party includes your brand. This is more professional and improves results by 34%. ( 

Calls to action even on sites you don't own

Our technology allows us to place call to action on third party sites. So even if you are sharing content on another website, it carries your call to action. 

A focus on lead generation

We build dedicated landing pages

We focus on lead generation for your sales teams, so to achieve this we build dedicated landing pages. That we drive traffic to from social and generate leads. You plan includes one active landing page.

We host your blog

One of the major benefits of having a social media presence in the ability to build your profile. If you don't have a blog we'll build and host one for you. Content creation is not included but we'll design, manage and maintain your blog. 

Social media advertising for B2B companies

Reach new audiences with sponsored social & social media advertising for B2B companies

Social media advertising for B2B companies is the use of paid advertising on social media channels. It includes boosting the visibility of organic posts and placing ads on social networks. Unlike organic social media marketing where you’re reliant on your audience to amplify your content, using social media advertising B2B businesses can pay to reach the audience of their choice.

The major advantage of social media advertising for B2B businesses over organic marketing is the targeting options available to the advertiser. For example, you can amplify your content to profiles that have engaged with your competitors in the past or visited your website. Paid social is perfect when you aim to reach a new audience and extend your visibility beyond your community.

It's like having your own social media marketing manager

FullerFunnels is the ideal balance between recruiting in-house and using an agency. Our mission is to deliver strategic insight and operational excellence. We do that by working closely with you, not as a distant agency. 

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Does our B2B social media marketing solution sound like something you might be interested in? Let's talk.