Funnelytics Review (2019) For Businesses

Create Visual Funnel Maps With Funnelytics

Starting today you can visually map your sales funnel (for free) with a drag and drop interface!

Looking for a tool that will allows you to easily visualise your marketing and sales funnels? Then you have found it. Funnelytics is one of the few tools that is purpose built to help marketers create visual funnel maps. What's the difference between this tool and the others? This one if FREE. Yes you can grab a free account and visually map your funnel. 

Funnelytics Review

Funnelytics Review

What is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is a tool for mapping out funnels. If you're currently using whiteboards, pen and paper or powerpoint to map out your funnels then get ready because this will revolutionise your approach to planning out your sales and marketing funnels. 

I've been a Funnelytics Pro customer for nearly a year. I started out with the free version of Funnelytics and then upgraded when I realised the potential power of this platform for marketers. In this Funnelytics review I added videos of Funnelytics in action and how I use it in my marketing stack. 

A Funnelytics review from an actual business user

I've been a Funnelytics Pro customer for nearly a year. I started out with the free version of Funnelytics and then upgraded when I realised the potential power of this platform for marketers. In this Funnelytics review I added videos of Funnelytics in action and how I use it in my marketing stack. If you have any questions about the suitability of Funnelytics for your business or this Funnelytics review doesn't answer a specific question feel free to contact me and let me know. 

Do you need Funnelytics?

If you build sales and marketing funnels the you definitely need Funnelytics. As one of the few tools built specifically to make the process of mapping funnels easier and at a price tag of FREE, there's no reason not to at least try it. 

Even if you don't build funnels but are in some way responsible for customer journeys then again Funnelytics is a must. You can upload your own icons meaning anything can be represented within Funnelytics.

Funnelytics isn't right for you if you want a sales funnel builder. Funnelytics is NOT for building funnels, it doesn't include a landing page builder, data capture or anything else connected with building funnels. It's a tool for planning funnels. 

You need Funnelytics if:

  • You're responsible for sales, marketing or demand generation funnels. 
  • You plan any user journeys or customer experiences. 

You don't need Funnelytics if:

  • You want a tool to build landing pages or funnels. This is only for planning funnels 

How can Funnelytics be free?

There are two versions of Funnelytics, these are Funnelytics and Funnelytics PRO. The free version of Funnelytics is perfect for planning funnels. The PRO version allows you to map analytics to your funnel. 

Do I need Funnelytics pro?

You only need Funnelytics Pro if you want to use the analytics and analysis features of Funnelytics. We use it and it's much easier that Google analytics for measuring the customer journey. 

A PROS and CONS review of Funnelytics 

Why Funnelytics is AWESOME

  • It's FREE. No reason not to try it. 
  • It's very easy to use, it can't get any better than a drag and drop interface. 
  • It's fast and responsive making it a joy to use.
  • Easy to share and export funnels.
  • Great community and support
  • It's really easy to use. 

Cons of Funnelytics

  • Analytics is only part of the PRO version. 
  • Setting up analytics in the PRO version can be complicated.  
  • The tool is very new to the market and there are same areas where  more work needs to be done. 
  • There are a number of features in the roadmap such as split testing and heat maps. Again these are likely to be PRO features only. 
  • Funnelytics requires you to add javascript to your templates (as you would with Google Analytics). 

Funnelytics FREE vs Funnelytics PRO

 What's the difference?

Funnelytics Features

Funnel mapping

Create a visual map of your sales and marketing funnels. 


Map your entire sales funnel

Use the existing icons to represent every part of your funnel. Customise it further with your own icons and labels.  

Drag and drop

Start with blank canvas or one of the many templates. Drag and drop to customise the funnels to your needs. 

Share and export

Share funnels with your team and clients. Export as an image or save it on Funnelytics to edit in the future. 

Funnelytics vs ClickFunnels

What's the difference between Funnelytics and ClickFunnels? Both products complement each other but perform different tasks. ClickFunnels is a tool for building sales and marketing funnels. Funnelytics is a tool for building funnel maps visually. If you use both then use Funnelytics to map out your funnel (Bin the whiteboard) and use ClickFunnels to build funnels. Funnelytics is FREE so try it out.

Where does Funnelytics PRO fit? The paid version extends the features of Funnelytics. You've built a visual map of your funnel. Now with Funnelytics PRO you can overlay your visual funnel with stats!

Funnelytics Review: Tutorial Video

One of the big selling points (although it's free) of Funnelytics is its ease of use. It's difficult to do its ease of use justice. So here is a Funnelytics Tutorial. You'll see for yourself how you can visually map a funnel using Funnelytics. Watch this over the shoulder Funnelytics demo tutorial so that you can see how to start using Funnelytics in your business.

Funnelytics Review for businesses

Funnelytics is a tool for mapping your sales and marketing funnel. It's surprising how much easier the process of creating a visual funnel strategy becomes when you use a purpose built tool, designed to map funnels.

If you don't read anything else in the Funnelytics review then you need to know one thing. The funnel mapping features of this tool. That is the ability to drag and drop to build a visual representation of a funnel is completely FREE. So you have no reason not to try it out. 

Why do I love Funnelytics?

For all the amazing features of Funnelytics, the one thing I absolutely love is the way this tool helps me to think about my funnels. I can start mapping out what's in my mind. If it doesn't look right I can change and adjust. It allows me to iterate until I'm happy with the finished visual funnel.

Once the visual funnel map is complete I can save it, share it or export it. So I'm not left trying to take a picture of a whiteboard or wonder how I'm going to create a digital version of my funnel map.

Where does Funnelytics fit in your workflow?

Funnelytics FREE is where you start the process of creating your funnel. before building anything create a visual map, this is your funnel strategy. Fine tune and change it in the easy to use Funnelytics environment.

Happy with your funnel? Now create the marketing and sales funnel in your favourite builder. Funnelytics is ideal if you're using ClickFunnels or Instapage. Even at the enterprise level you can use Funnelytics with Hubspot or Eloqua.

Take your funnels further with Funnelytics PRO

Funnelytics PRO gives sales funnel marketers an ability to see analytics across their funnel at a visual level. You might be thinking you could use Google Analytics? Funnelytics is focused on funnels. This makes it much easier to use, much easier to understand and the best thing is that these stats appear on top of the visual funnel you created in step one!