Instapage Review For UK Small Business

Is Instapage the best landing page builder?

Instapage is an industry leading landing page builder. It's renowned for its ease of use, stunning templates and its agency-level features. Is Instapage right for you? Find out in our Instapage review.

 Companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less (Hubspot). Landing pages work but most businesses don't use them, and of those that do, they don't have enough. The main reasons for not using landing pages are lack of expertise and technical know-how. 

Landing page creators like Instapage remove the hurdles of creating landing pages. Watch in the video below how you could have a live landing page in under two minutes.  

14 day, no credit card required trial of all features. Sign up with just an email address. 

Instapage Review: What do you need to know?

  • Build landing pages and host them on the cloud
  • Nothing to install
  • Start from a blank canvas or templates

What are the killer features of Instapage for small business?

  • Built for ease of use 
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Great support

What are the killer features of Instapage for agencies & teams?

  • Extensive collaboration features
  • Enterprise level security
  • A/B testing and optimisation suites

Instapage pricing: How much does Instapage cost?

  • Pricing from $99
  •  14-day free trial
  • Annual and monthly pricing options

14 day, no credit card required trial of all features. Sign up with just an email address. 

Features of Instapage

Business friendly features of Instapage landing page builder

Create mobile friendly landing pages

Campaigns require mobile friendly landing pages because it's what your prospects use.  Up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device and 61% of emails are read on a mobile device. 

Landing page templates

Build pages faster by starting with a template. Instapage provides the largest library of fully customisable templates with over 200+ examples of lead generation, webinar, event, ebook, click-through pages and more.

Drag and drop builder

Create new pages by dragging and dropping page elements. Creating a new landing page is as easy as using powerpoint. Add text elements, a new image or a form. 

Data capture forms

Customisable data capture forms. You have the ability to use multiple fields, radio buttons, drop-down lists, and more. Pass data to your CRM or automation platform.

14 day, no credit card required trial of all features. Sign up with just an email address. 

Instapage for marketers. Build pages that increase conversions

A/B Testing

Make data led decisions. Start with a template or blank canvas. Launch your landing page and continue improving conversions rates by testing changes. Will a new banner improve conversions?  Now you can find out. 



See how your page is performing with easy to use analytics. Instapage gives you an analytics dashboard that simplifies reporting. You can even connect to your own analytics platforms. 

Dynamic landing pages

Build one page for your entire campaign. Advanced personalisation and dynamic content mean you can deliver a different experience for each source of traffic and ad. 

Advance conversion drivers

Use powerful features that increase conversions. Elements like countdown timers can be added to any page by dragging and dropping. No coding needed here!

14 day, no credit card required trial of all features. Sign up with just an email address. 

Instapage for agencies. The landing page builder for teams.


Create pages in a secure staging environment and invite stakeholders to provide feedback. Manage and respond to comments within Instapage with notifications. 



Connect Instapage to other platforms. Use one of many pre-built integrations including HubSpot, Marketo, GetResponse & Salesforce. Use Zapier to connect to hundreds of other platforms. 

Enterprise level security

Reassure your stakeholders. Data is currency and Instapage offers enterprise level security features to protect your data. 

Private sub accounts

Give each client their own area. With dedicated sub accounts each team will have their own account with advanced permissions.  

14 day, no credit card required trial of all features. Sign up with just an email address. 

Instapage landing page builder overview

Did you know companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than 10 (HubSpot)? Landing pages increase conversion but only 48% of marketers build new landing pages for every campaign. Landing pages work but they can be difficult to create. As a marketer, you've experienced the pain of waiting for a web page to be developed.  The solution? Instapage. 

Instapage is a tool for building creating landing pages. Build from scratch or use a pre-built and tested landing page template. Instapage excels at creating high converting and personalized landing pages. It has a powerful and intuitive landing page builder that also supports mobile. 

Instapage has dozens of integrations with email marketing, marketing automation and CRM tools. Plenty of tools have built-in landing page creators but they're difficult to use. Instapage is an easy-to-use alternative to the more challenging landing page builders and the results are stunning.

Instapage is easy to use but retains a powerful set of marketing tools when you need them. Testing, personalisation and even campaign attribution are all here. Instapage is also ready to integrate with the rest of your marketing suite including Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot.

Using Instapage for marketing campaigns

Instapage is the perfect solution for creating landing pages. Using Instapage allows marketers to create landing pages quickly, easily and with no need IT or Developer support.

  • Create landing pages for your AdWords campaigns. Targeted landing pages will increase conversion and lower your AdWords cost per click.
  • Build landing pages for gated assets such as white papers. Connect data capture pages to your CRM and email marketing tool for an end to end solution.
  • Build marketing and sales funnels by connecting multiple landing pages and email sequences together.

14 day, no credit card required trial of all features. Sign up with just an email address. 

Instapage Review - Updated  12/07/2020

Instapage is a marketing tool for building great looking landing pages, fast. Included in the tool you'll find a landing page builder, advanced collaboration and landing page optimisation tools. With dozens of great templates, securely hosted on the cloud, your landing pages are ready to go as soon as you hit publish.

Why does my business need Instapage?

Instapage is a great tool for building landing pages that convert.  Using Instapage businesses can:

  • Use a drag and drop interface to build landing pages
  • Collects data with forms
  • Gate assets and lead magnets
  • Collect feedback on pages from customers and stakeholders

The two biggest challenges marketers face when faced with the need to create landing pages are:

  1. Lack of knowledge: How do I build a landing page? What makes a great landing page?
  2. Lack of technical know-how: It wasn't so long ago when the need for a landing page would have required developers, designers and CMS editors.

Instapage helps you and your team build great looking landing pages without the technical hurdles.

  1. Instapage comes with a collection of over 200 templates to get you started. These cover every scenario you can imagine. Now you can launch great quality landing pages with no prior experience!
  2. With Instapage there's nothing for you to install, it's a Saas solution. The technical barriers to your creativity are removed. Launch your next campaign without waiting for a developer. 

If you are a marketer, then you are likely to be familiar with the challenge of wanting to launch your campaign or even updating a campaign in flight, but needing to wait for a developer.

With Instapage you can overcome this challenge because Instapage gives you great looking templates combined with an easy to use editor, all on one platform. Just edit the page and hit publish.

Instapage review - Companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less

Companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less.

Instapage review of pricing & plans

Recently Instapage pricing was updated and the different plans consolidated to two. Instapage customers can now pick from Instapage Core and Instapage Enterprise.

  • Instapage Core costs $99 on a 12 month plan and $129 on a monthly plan.
  • Instapage Enterprise pricing is a custom price based on your needs.

For most businesses looking for a landing page builder, Instapage Core will meet your needs. 

What's included in Instapage Core?

Core includes all the fundamental features of Instapage. You can build a page using the visual builder and integrate it with all your other systems. It also includes reusable blocks that you can create and reuse multiple times. Core also comes with pre-built templates, if you don't want to start from scratch.

  • Mobile-Responsive Page Builder
  • Instablocks
  • 200+ Customizable Templates
  • Unlimited A/B Testing
  • Heatmaps
  • 40+ Native Integrations
  • Multi-Step Forms
  • SEO Capability
  • Advanced Design Functionality
  • Custom Code Editing
  • Drop-In Pixel Tracking
  • Premium Web Fonts
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Branded Lead Notifications
  • SSL Certificates
  • Sign On With Google
  • Advanced Publishing Options

Review of the positives and negatives of Instapage

The negatives of Instapage

Instapage is a great tool for building landing pages but it does have some negatives.

  1. It doesn't come with a built-in email marketing tool, so can't replace marketing automation systems.
  2. There is also a 30,000 unique visitors limit per month. But of course, it is possible to put together a more tailored plan if you should need.
  3. If you want to build sales funnels rather than landing pages then ClickFunnels is a better alternative. 

The positives of Instapage

  1. The tool is very easy to use. It's a drag-and-drop interface. If you're a marketer who wants to build landing pages to fit your needs without worrying about the technical side of things, then this tool is for you.
  2. As you become a more advanced user of landing pages you will want functionality such as testing. Even if you start at the most basic plan Instapage gives you more capability as your knowledge grows and your needs change.

Is Instapage right for your business?

Choose Instapage when you're looking for one tool that does landing pages well. A tool that can fit into your existing marketing stack. Out-of-the-box Instapage has plenty of pre-built integrations plus the option to build your own using Zapier.

Don't choose Instapage if you're looking for an all-in-one landing page and email marketing tool. Instapage doesn't include email marketing out of the box. If you want to build sales or marketing funnels connecting multiple pages together, Instapage can support that but it's not what it was built for. if you're looking to build funnels or something with an integrated email marketing tool then my recommendation is ClickFunnels.

FullerFunnels Instapage review conclusions

Ease of implementation

Instapage is a Saas tool so you can get going immediately. Instapage integrates directly with dozens of platforms and those integrations will need to be set up individually.

Ease of use

Setting up and pushing landing pages live is very simple as you would expect with a Saas. Landing pages are created via a drag and drop interface. The approach to setting up a mobile responsive page is the same as setting up a desktop page.


In addition to the drag-and-drop landing page builder, Instapage allows users to run A/B tests, collaborate for approvals, create heat map and more. For agencies, Instapage offers sub-accounts, unlimited domains, user permissions and more. At the enterprise level Instapage offers a dedicated customer success manager, professional services and migration services.

Return on investment

Instapage starts at only $99  / £77  per month. For the average business, it would only take a small increase in conversion rates to cover the cost of Instapage.


Instapage offers a user community, ticketed support and live chat support. At the higher price plans, customers have access to telephone support and an account manager. At an Enterprise level customers will have an Enterprise SLA.

Should you invest in Instapage?

Instapage does one thing and does it really well, it helps you build landing pages. It does give you additional capability such as testing, but at its core, it's all about the landing page. If you're looking for a tool that helps you build great-looking landing pages and with integrations to other systems, then this tool is definitely one of the best tools you could invest in. 

If you want to build a series of landing pages and nurture leads through a funnel more like a marketing automation system then our ClickFunnels review will be an interesting read.

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14 day, no credit card required trial of all features. Sign up with just an email address. 

Instapage customer reviews & Testimonials

" A reality we often face is that design and review processes are far too fragmented, especially when you’re managing multiple collaborators, campaigns, clients, and deadlines. Instapage has taken that insight and created a landing page platform that all teams will need if they want to improve their workflows. - Liz Coppinger - Business Analyst

Instapage allows us to create multiple landing pages for each keyword and ad group and really drive down that cost. Each Quality Score increase results in a 16% decrease for our client's cost [per click] - President of Marketing - John Rowa

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